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a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Jennifer Driscoll and her husband, Justin, had two children born prematurely: Lilian Hope and Aidan Patrick. Jennifer and Justin know first-hand what the families of Lily’s Hope Foundation experience. After these two NICU experiences with their children, they were inspired to create Lily’s Hope Foundation to help other parents of premature babies during this challenging time in their lives. Founded in 2013, Lily’s Hope Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit that has provides resources, aid and hope to over families in their home state of Pennsylvania and across the country.  The families of the Foundation are supported through their customized Packages of Hope program that answer the urgent and unexpected needs of premature babies.  Aside from being Co-Founder and Executive Director of Lily’s Hope Foundation, Jennifer works full time as an Office Manager for Cryo Technologies, an engineering firm in Allentown, PA. Jennifer graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in 2005 and her Master's in Business Administration in 2011, both from Moravian College, in Bethlehem, PA.


Jennifer and her daughter, Lilian Hope, co-wrote Lily’s Hope, A Preemie’s Journey of Hope, a children’s book that was published in November 2017 that follows the experiences of Lily and her brother Aidan in the NICU. 

Jennifer published a second book in October 2018 titled Preemie Parents’ Tips to Get You Thru the NICU,  a guide with tips from NICU staff and fellow NICU Families.

Jennifer and her daughter Lilian Hope and her son Aidan Patrick, co-wrote The Heroic Adventures of Hope the Hippo, a coloring and activity book that was published in November 2020.  This book follows our mascot, Hope the Hippo, on her journey with our care packages across the country.

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Lily's Hope, A Preemie's Journey of Hope

This incredible children's book follows the experiences of Lilian Hope and her little brother, Aidan Patrick, both born prematurely. "Hope means wishing for good things to happen," Lily says, as she realizes hope has followed her since the day she was born. Lily and Aidan share hope in their non-profit organization, Lily's Hope Foundation, that supports families with premature babies.

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Preemie Parents' Tips to Get You Thru the NICU

The Preemie Parents' Tips to Get You Thru the NICU will "hold" parents of premature babies' hands while they navigate the stressful, challenging time having a baby in the NICU. The book includes tips, advice, packing lists, journal prompts, and more.

Download printable journal pages here!

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The Heroic Adventures of Hope the Hippo

Join Hope the Hippo's Adventures with a New Baby who was born prematurely and the baby's family.

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