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Package of Hope for NICU Families

All of our Care Packages are free to families with premature babies either in the NICU or when they are being discharged.  Our support is based on availability and feasibility and services are not guaranteed.


All Packages of Hope are customized to answer your family's specific needs by providing items that will help during this time. Only one Package of Hope per family. We appreciate your understanding so that we can continue to help families across the country with premature babies. Also at this time, we are unable to ship packages outside of the United States.


If there are siblings at home, we can help with a sibling care package. Additionally, if there are specific requests and needs, you can e-mail us at



These care packages have vital and basic items for the immediate use to allow them to focus on their little one while in the NICU. These packages are meant for those families with their preemie currently in the NICU.


Example of Hospital Package of Hope contents: blankets, hand sanitizer, coffee, snacks, cleaning wipes, disposable plates, cups, and utensils.


Hope the Hippo

Meet Hope the Hippo, the mascot for Lily's Hope Foundation.  The idea for "Hope the Hippo" came from Lily and Aidan Driscoll. When Lily was just one-month-old, her grandfather gave her a gray hippo, which eventually became her favorite stuffed animal.  A back up Hippo we purchased became Aidan's favorite stuffed animal, whose name is "Hippo Number Two."  Hope is now accompanying each Package of Hope that's given to our Lily's Hope Families! 


Transition Home Package

These care packages are important and help families feel prepared for their little one when they come home from the NICU. These packages are meant for those families transitioning home with their preemie and have been home for no more than 1 month.


Example of Transition Home Package of Hope contents: diapers, baby wipes, clothing, and baby supplies.


Sibling Package

Keeping in mind that there might be older sibling(s) waiting for their new little brother or sister to come home, we often provide care packages with activity items and toys to help comfort them during this time.  


Example of Sibling Care Packages could be:  Coloring Books, Crayons, Activity Books, Puzzles, Board Games, Stuffed Animals,

Books andMagazines.

Request Support

The following are helpful questions to ask a family about their specific needs. Feel free to include their needs in the message part of this form.

  1. Do you need preemie or micro preemie size clothing for your baby? If so, what gender?

  2. Do you need preemie size diapers?

  3. Do you have other needs for the baby right away such as bath supplies, bottles?

  4. Does this little one have siblings that could use some toys or special rewards while the baby is at the NICU?

  5. How about you? Do you have specific needs for when the baby comes home such as Cleaning Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Disposable dinnerware and utensils, etc?

  6. Are you in need of a Hospital care package or a Transition Home care package?

**Please note that items for families are not guaranteed. Items are given based on availability and feasibility.**

Thanks for submitting!

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